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Jerome's DrillingWe are a full-service drilling, pump service and repair company that specializes in residential water well drilling. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and enjoy a great reputation throughout Western Montana. Our innovations are patented methods of drilling, combined with our thorough knowledge of area formations and special drilling requirements, means we can meet your complete water system needs.

At the heart of our equipment is a Chicago Pneumatic 7000 Drill Rig with pneumatic casing drivers. To supplement them we also have various service trucks and auxiliary equipment to ensure we achieve your desire goals.

Our staff are made up of professional and competent service people who have considerable industry experience. Our 3 operate 365 days a year serving satisfied customers throughout a 75 mile radius of Missoula including the Bitterroot, Flathead, Drummond, and Seeley Lake areas.


Our company had its beginnings when Bob Jerome stopped selling drilling rigs for Chicago Prematic, and teamed up with the O’Keefe brothers in 1972 to launch Jerome & O’Keefe Drilling Company. That partnership was subsequently dissolved a couple of years later, and Jerome’s Drilling Company, Inc, emerged.

Jerome's DrillingRandy Kotecki initially started working for Jerome & O’Keefe at age 15 while he was still in high school. He began by servicing and loading the trucks during the week after school, and on weekends when the crews returned from the job sites. At that time, the company was operating with four separate drilling crews.

After the break with O’Keefe, Randy became a Driller’s Apprentice on the same rig operated by the newly-formed company for five years before becoming the driller. He subsequently drilled wells for the next 15 years, during which time he developed and refined custom drilling methods specific to the different area demographics. The company is now recognized throughout NW Montana as experts in drilling quality wells in very diverse and difficult geographic conditions.

Randy now manages 2 drill crews year-round operating within a 100-mile radius of Missoula. Our drillers have 20+ and 7+ years of experience respectively, and the company currently operates from sites in the Missoula Industrial Park, and in Ravalli County along Highway 93 in Stevensville.

Jerome's Drilling

Jerome's Drilling

Jerome's Drilling